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Hi, My names Marco and im tumblr user exxecutive you may not know that i’m a photographer and that I have recently started my own photography business. 
Why this intro? Well my business is letting me get rid of some old items as a little giveaway.
All of which are under a year and a half old.

"What do i have to do to enter this contest doe???"
 First as expected you gotta be following ME 
you have to be following my photo gallery HERE  
Third you have to reblog this post, likes won’t count but you can like away.

Grand Prize
1st winner gets: 15” Macbook Pro AND an iPhone 5!
2nd Place winner gets: 13” Macbook Pro!
3rd Place winner gets: iPhone 5!

Choosing Winners:
3rd Place winner will be randomly selected on May 22, 2014.
2nd Place winner will be randomly selected on June 5, 2014.


- Each winner will be privately contacted. (although i will ask for a photo with item won to post onto here)
- Each winner will be checked to see if they are following both blogs and if they reblogged this post.

If you have questions feel free to message me!

Good luck to you all! 

____ UPDATE _____
I have been receiving a handful of messages to the limitations of this giveaway:

There are none.
Yes that means it’s open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. If you have an address and can receive a box then you qualify. 

YOU HAVE TO: Follow both my personal and photo gallery blogs
AND: reblog this post,
likes don’t count but like away if you’d like.

If you don’t do one of those THREE requirements and you are selected I WILL DISREGARD your attempt to an AWESOME giveaway and select another winner.

i hope the bold text helps some people. 

Keep spreading this post JUNE 5, 2014 drawing is still coming up so HAPPY BLOGGING :)

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